Custom Software Development and IT- Consulting

Cloud, Big Data, Mobile 



We are here to let you focus on your core competencies and help you to achieve your business goals.

Our commitment is to learn and understand your business, provide the services and solutions that fit and then follow with support and training you may need.



We provide full-cycle custom solution development— from detailing project requirements to testing and quality assurance.  

Combining domain knowledge with outsourcing cost advantages and resource flexibility, eSP develops software solutions, helping clients optimize time-to-market.



We have broad experience in developing web applications, mobile apps of all kinds, desktop- and server solutions, social media applications as well as web-based and mobile solutions. 

Out technology expertise: Microsoft .NET, SharePoint, Java, LAMP, Mobile &  Cross-Mobile Platforms 


Growing, successful businesses of all sizes — whether they are in Boston or Berlin, Tel Aviv or Chicago — need the latest, most competitive technology solutions to stay ahead of their competition. But sometimes they lack access to tools necessary to achieve their goals. They require a partner who can create solutions for their specific, unique needs. 


eSP, an organization of proven, successful IT engineers, architects, and managers, is prepared to share its expertise. Whether your company needs software design, product engineering, or quality assurance services, eSP can be your link to those solutions. We can create the IT tools you need and help you put them to work effectively. You'll function with improved speed, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. With regard to our clients, we stay invisible in the background if that's what you require.


We are on call to work in concert with you for:
− Single, turn-key solutions,
− Project-driven, flexible support for your existing team, or
− A long-term extension to your organization. 


eSP helps its partners surmount obstacles and addresses their problems with proactive solutions that will work now and in the future.

We deliver answers and action. All over the world, for companies big and small.


Contact us today and get your problem project back on the road to success.