Custom Software Development and IT- Consulting

Cloud, Big Data, Mobile 

Why choose us?



Solution oriented and brain-added development




A ready pool of software development talents



Full cycle of software  services, which reduces сosts and time taken with project development

A company cannot develop in the long term without the trust of its customers.     We are proud that every year we manage to deepen and develop relationships with our customers. The secret is simple: a clear focus on customer benefits.

Why Hire eSP?



Business Insight

We have worked in a wide range of industries and gone very deep in many of them. You’ll be impressed at how quickly we understand what you’re trying to accomplish and the quality of the questions we ask. We bring this vast experience to each project, asking smart questions and ultimately proposing an intelligent, insightful solution that uses technology to solve your problem or seize your opportunity.


Project management

It goes beyond requirements analysis, project timelines, and wireframes. We believe that clients benefit when we have internal reviews of code, and ask hard questions of each other. Why did you build this component this way? Why did you make this technical choice? Is this in the best interest of the client, worth our time and their money? These internal project and code reviews are a regular part of our process.


Many consultants and developers are black holes that suck up money for opaque, mysterious work. At eSP, by contrast, all projects use our proprietary online timesheet system that gives clients visibility into what developers are working on day by day, hour by hour. All project documents, bugs, and more can be accessed in our client portal.


Technical Expertise

We have personally implemented techniques that allow an application to scale to a large number of users and a big team: code accelerators, memory caching, database connection pooling, database sharding, database replication, load balancing, query tuning, source control, bug tracking, and more. Your application might not require these approaches, but it’s good to know eSP has experience in setting them up.